Studio appointments 

Many women dread bikini season. The thought of standing half naked in a public dressing room can be more than daunting. After awkwardly trying on a pile of suits, women are often frustrated. The straps were too tight or their chest looked flattened and a million other potential disasters that go along with swimwear shopping. 

I offer an alternative. Make an appointment at the Rosa Swim studio to view a collection of limited edition, reversible swimsuits. Receive expert advice on fit. If you still can't find the perfect suit, I will sew one up according to your measurements. 

Custom swimwear and apparel for campaigns and editorials

In addition to offering studio appointments I work with stylists to design swimwear and apparel for major campaigns, for companies such as Reef and Teva. Featured swimwear is one-of-a-kind and made to highlight the client’s product, thereby creating an authentic campaign and ensuring brand identity.

Teva 2017

Miss Reef Calendar 2013 and 2015


Surfing Magazine Swimsuit Issue 2013-2016

Into the Gloss

Teen Vogue 

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